Member News for March 2015 – Part Two of Three!

Short stories

Ian McHugh’s story “Uncle Bob’s Crocodile” is out in this month’s edition of Urban Fantasy magazine (available now for subscribers and it’ll be archived online for everyone else later in the month).

Ian wanted to mention that he credits this story to a discussion with fellow CSFG’er David Dufty in a 24-hour story challenge workshop a couple of years ago. Proof positive that CSFG membership conveys rich rewards and lasting fame!

Alan Baxter has two stories coming out soon, both in anthologies from Cohesion Press:



CSFG members are well represented in several upcoming and recently released anthologies:


Cranky Ladies of History (Fablecroft Publishing)

  • “Another Week In The Future, An Excerpt” by Kaaron Warren


Insert Title Here (Fablecroft publishing)

  • “Circle” by Darren Goossens
  • “Beyond the Borders of All He Had Been Taught” by Alan Baxter


Hear Me Roar (Ticonderoga Press)

  •  “The Silica Key” by T R Napper
  • “Function A:save(target.Dawn)” by Rivqa Rafael
  • “Veteran’s Day” by Cat Sparks



Congratulations to everyone who’s managed to break through the Wall of Rejectomancy!

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