CSFG is acting as a “distribution affiliate” for D6, the FREE (and DRM free) spec fic e-zine from Coeur de Lion Publishing. Download the issues here in epub and mobi format.

The most recent issues are:

Issue #12 featuring stories by Paul Speller, Paul Stephanus and Bryce Stephens

Issue #11 featuring stories by Nathan Burrage, Simon Petrie, Robert Stephenson and J Ashley Smith

Issue #10 featuring stories by Rjurik Davidson, Natalie Potts and Craig Cormick

Issue #9 featuring stories by Zoe Harland, Simon Petrie and Barry Charman


You can find submission guidelines for D6 and other Coeur de Lion projects here.


2 Thoughts on “Dimension6

  1. Hi guys! I have a new url for the Dimension6 page
    Copies for download can be found at https://coeurdelion.com.au/dimension6/
    and submission guidelines are at https://coeurdelion.com.au/submissions/



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