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CSFG membership is available for people in Canberra and elsewhere.

Inner Canberra memberships are for people in the Australian Capital Territory and surrounds, who are close enough to Canberra to participate in our regular meetings and groups.

Outer Canberra memberships are for people who aren’t close enough to get to our meetings and groups, but who would like to participate in our online member benefits, including: hosting or linking to member bios and bibliographies, publicising sales, wins and publications through our member news, advertising workshops, courses, events and writing services, and hosting or linking to articles on the craft, business or genre of creating speculative fiction.

Outer Canberra members (Outies) are also welcome to join in our face-to-face activities if ever they’re in town, and can vote at CSFG general meetings, including by proxy.

One pre-requisite of membership is that at least one existing member must have met you and be able to confirm that you are an actual human being (or at least a credible alien/cybernetic facsimile). You can come along to one of our monthly meetings or can generally find at least some of us at speculative fiction conventions and writers’ festivals around the country.

We also recommend that you hang out with us on Yahoo groups for a while (which is free, and our gatekeepers are lax) and see if we’re for you and you’re for us.

Membership fees (payable per calendar year)

  • Inner Canberra $30
  • Inner Canberra (concession) $20
  • Outer Canberra $10

(Note membership fees increased as of 16 March 2017)

Memberships are payable in person at meetings or online, either by Paypal or by writing to us through the Contact Us page to arrange a bank transfer.

9 Thoughts on “Join us!

  1. Steve Leo on October 9, 2013 at 2:29 am said:


    I would like to join as an Outie. Leife Shallcross should be able to confirm that I am a human being. I am happy to pay in person next time I am in Canberra or arrange a bank transfer.


  2. Eek, Steve, just saw this today…3 1/2 months later. Will email you. L

  3. Robert on March 22, 2014 at 8:04 am said:

    I’ll pay next meeting, sign me up please!

  4. Gillian Polack and Phil Berrie can/may vouch for me as a human being. Can I attend the next crit meetingand/or Wed 19th meeting and join as an Inner Canberran (Swinger Hill ?) PS – nect crit meeting, (2nd Wed) tomorrow ?) cheers, tina

    • Dave Versace on November 11, 2014 at 9:35 am said:

      Tina, you will be extremely welcome. I’m not sure whether there’s something happening in place of the usual novel critiquing group this month (second Wednesday), but I will forward your details to the coordinator. Dave V

  5. I would like to join as a inner Canberra. Can bank transfer please. Phil Berrie can vouch I’m at least a little bit human.

  6. Hi guys,

    Although I am terrible at actually leaving the house so might be an extremely ineffective member, I was interested in joining. I did the Hardcopy program with Ian last year so he should be able to verify that I am indeed human to the necessary degree.



  7. Todd McKenzie on November 21, 2015 at 8:51 pm said:

    Hi, I’ve just moved to Canberra and would be very interested in finding out more about the group.

  8. Hiiiiii, I would love to join! I know I’m an outie but I kind of love you all.

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