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Short Stories:

The Broken Cross”, Masques, editors Gillian Polack and Scott Hopkins, CSFG Publishing, 2009
“The Fallen”, The Outcast: An Anthology of Strangers and Exiles, editor Nicole Murphy, CSFG Publishing, 2006
“Eyes of the Hunter”, Book of Shadows, editor Angela Challis, 2006
“Bite Me”, The Harrow, June 2006
“Where Do I Begin?”, Gateway SF Magazine, September 2005
“Inquisition”, The CSFG Gastronomicon, editor Stuart Barrow, CSFG Publishing, 2005
“Armageddon Cafe”, Elsewhere, editor Michael Barry, CSFG Publishing, 2003
“Eyes of the Hunter”, Shadowed Realms Online Magazine, Issue 1, September/October 2004
“Conversion”, Dark Energy Online Magazine, September 2004
“Red Rum”, Aoife’s Kiss, June 2005.