Gillian Polack

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Gillian Polack has two novels in print, has edited two anthologies and has written a cookbook.  One of the novels and one of the anthologies have been short-listed for Ditmar awards.  Three of her short stories were listed as recommended or given honorable mentions in various years’ best anthologies, including “Happy Faces for Happy Families” which appeared in the CSFG anthology Encounters  (Ed DM Hanson and Maxine McArthur).  She has fifteen short stories published and has a regular column at BiblioBuffet.

She is currently working towards a doctorate, which she seems to think is a reason to write a really daft time travel novel.  In her spare time, she is a Medieval historian (with a first doctorate to assist) and does food history.  She teaches at various places, including the ACT Writers’ Centre, the NSW Writers’ Centre and at the Australian National University.  She’s probably a  reprobate, but hides it well.  When she gets bored, she designs historical banquets for Conflux SF conventions and writes cookbooks.  She also reviews for HorrorScope and Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus.  Gillian has a website, and blogs at Even in a Little Thing.

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