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    Annual membership for the Canberra Speculative Fiction Group.
  • Subtle depictions of future worlds, of stark contemporary settings and alternative realities are some of the wonders of Warren’s imagination.  From science fiction to fantasy and eerie, soul-shaking horror.  Warren’s words will reverberate in all of us.
  • Australia has its own mythologies. Some of them were here long before Europeans arrived; some of them are yet to come. These are the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we want to hide from. E-book: USD $4.99, available in most formats from Smashwords, Amazon (AustraliaUSUKGermanyJapan), Kobo BooksBarnes & Noble.
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    Sequence. Succession. Cause and effect. Show us what happened. Next. Ebook: USD 4.99, available in most formats from SmashwordsKobo Books, and Barnes & Noble.
  • Change is only ever a breath away. Its arrival may be as swift as a slamming door or as slow as the inevitable march of evolution. Ebook: USD 4.99, available in most formats from SmashwordsKobo BooksiTunes and Barnes & Noble.
  • Masques

    Human beings mask their faces with paint, with wood, with the faces of others.  Others mask as humans.  Some masks hide tragedy – some bring joy.
  • They are the richest of characters: unique, interesting, provocative, good and bad, right and wrong; and their stories are the ones that beg to be told.  Outcasts.
  • This anthology from the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild is full of twisted stories and tasteful recipes, along with tasteful stories and twisted recipes. Spaceships are served with pikelets, werewolves with chocolate, and mermaids with tea.
  • Twenty-two stories of meetings, crossed paths, clashes, unions.  The wondrous brought face to face with the mundane, the grotesque with the beautiful, the everyday with the fantastical.
  • Far away planets, both malevolent and benign. Countries ancient and modern and off into the far future. Jungles and deserts and mountains and spaceships. From the depths of the human subconscious to the height of the tallest… flagpole?
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    Spaceships. Magical devices. Flying Machines. Instruments to probe the afterlife. Technology friendly and otherwise…
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    The CSFG’s first anthology, edited then-member Geoffrey Maloney with a cover and interior art by Les Petersen.  The theme, inspired by a guest talk to the Guild by crypto-zoologist Tony Healey,  was “Fantastic Creatures”, a theme which the authors explored through fourteen stories of fantasy, science fiction and horror.