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This page brings together short stories by CSFG members that are free to read online or free to download. Stories are listed below under the author’s name, with the original publication venue listed in brackets. Some hyperlinks are to online magazines where the stories are published, others are to author websites, where the story has been made available after print publication or has been self-published online. Also below are links to CSFG’s Microfiction and Write-a-Book-in-a-Day group writing activities.

 Chris Andrews | Alan Baxter | Ross HamiltonPatty JansenIan McHugh | Maxine McArthur

Nicole Murphy | Simon Petrie | Cat SheelyDW Walker

CSFG Microfictions | Write-a-Book-in-a-Day

Chris Andrews

Faeries Blues (AntiSF)

Saving the Unicorn (AntiSF)

Wyvern’s Blood (Nor of Human, CSFG Publishing)

Alan Baxter

Upon a Distant Shore (Dimension 6)

All the Wealth in the World (Lakeside Circus)

 Not the Worst of Sins (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

Tiny Lives (Daily SF)

Salvage in the Void (Kasma SF)

Crossroads and Carousels (The Red Penny Papers)

The Goodbye Message (Ticon4)

Declan’s Plan (Wily Writers)

The Seven Garages of Adam Simpson (Pseudopod)

Mistaken Identity (Kasma SF)

Idle Chatter (Bosley Gravel’s Cavalcade of Terror)

Jeff Newman’s Headaches (53 Stitches)

Crossfire (The Oddville Press)

Pushed Too Far (House of Horror)

Strange Death (Flashes in the Dark)

Trapped (House of Horror)

The Night Bus (The Harrow)

Stand Off (Wily Writers)

Ross Hamilton

Lighting the Way Home

Triumph of the Scientific Mind (100 Stories for Queensland)

Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend (Spinetinglers)

A Good Idea at the Time (Spinetinglers)

Patty Jansen

The Shattered World Within (Giganotosaurus)

Maxine McArthur

Playing Possum (Nor of Human, CSFG Publishing)

Ian McHugh

Grey Snow in the Shadows (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine)

Vandiemensland (Next, CSFG Publishing)

From Sorrow’s Gate (Crowded Magazine)

Cold, Cold War (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

The Godbreaker and Unggubudh the Mountain (Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear, Peggy Bright Books)

 The Navigator and the Sky (Giganotosaurus)

Dancing the Labyrinth (Tales of Moreauvia)

The Wishwriter’s Wife (Daily SF)

Boumee and the Apes (Analog)

The Godbreaker of Seggau-li (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine)

Interloper (Asimov’s)

Red Dirt (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

Rust Night (Cosmos Magazine)

Annicca (Greatest Uncommon Denominator)

The Gifts of Avalae (Blood & Devotion,

Songdogs (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

Sleepless in the House of Ye (Asimov’s)

Stiletto (Greatest Uncommon Denominator)

The Greatest Adventure of All (Coyote Wild)

Requiem in D-minor (for prions, whale and burning bush) (Hub Magazine)

The Dao of Stones (Challenging Destiny)

Grace (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine)

The Last Day of Rea (All Star Stories: Twenty Epics)

The Alchemical Automaton Blues (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine)

Nicole Murphy

Run the Program (Elsewhere, CSFG Publishing)

The Manustream (Machinations, CSFG Publishing)

Simon Petrie

Needs More Dinosaurs (story sampler, Peggy Bright Books)

Cruisy (Ticon4)

The Man Who… (Redstone SF)

Downdraft (Sybil’s Garage)

Single Handed (Kaleidotrope)

Dragonblog (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine)

“Next!“ (AntiSF)

The Fridge Whisperer (Semaphore Magazine)

The Day of the Carrot (Ticon4)

Writeoff (Eclecticism – download size 5.6 MB)

How Postosuchus kirkpatricki, Arguably The Most Brutal, Vicious, And Ruthless Ambush Predator To Have Ever Walked The Earth (I Mean, Check Out Those Teeth!) Was Inadvertently Reincarnated As The Hindbrain Of Mr. Gregory Q. Whimple, A Mild-Mannered Complaints Officer With The Small Croydon-Based Electronics And Household Appliance Firm Of Bettavolt Industries, Ltd. (Murky Depths)

Scuttle (BBT Magazine)

Dragonsick (Big Pulp)

Cat Sheely

Growing Old / The Void / The Renovation

DW Walker

Underground Agency (AntiSF)

Rogue Wave (AntiSF)

Corporate Body (AntiSF)

Heritage Planet (Elsewhere, CSFG Publishing)

Rat Stew (The View from the Edge, Norstrilia Press)

Black Beer (Fables and Reflections)

A Viral Infection (Singularities, Canberra Science Fiction Society)

CSFG Microfictions

Conflux 8 (2012)


The Mine and the Mirror (2013)

Cover Story (2012)

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