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The Never Never Authors – Thoraiya Dyer

The ebook launch of The Never Never Land, CSFG’s speculative anthology of
Australian myths, yarns and campfire stories, is coming on 1 July 2016.
We interviewed some of the authors to hear what inspired
their unique version of the sunburnt country.

Photo by Cat Sparks

“Tirari Desert, Saturday” by Thoraiya Dyer is a pointed story of border protection, journalistic integrity and violent xenophobia. It opens The Never Never Land.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m an Australian writer with over 40 short stories published here and overseas, and my debut fantasy novel Crossroads of Canopy, about hijinks in a kilometres tall, magical rainforest, is coming out in January 2017. I used to be a veterinarian. I didn’t get expelled for incompetence or anything, just took a break to have the Small One and then became a writer instead!

What was the inspiration behind your Never Never Land story?

Mururoa Atoll protesters. And living in a mining town.

Is it more important to have stories set in Australia, or by Australian authors, or both?

The Never Never Land guidelines made me immediately enthusiastic, because I’d just been re-reading Dreaming Down Under which is an excellent anthology (it won the World Fantasy Award in 1999) but I was struck by how few of the stories were actually set here, as though Australians had to prove not only how well they could write SFF, but prove how worldly they were.

Was there anything you found hard about writing this story?

Making it short enough to fit the guidelines. This is my eternal dilemma. Right now I’m trying to prune a novelette down to short story size and I wonder why I must always do this to myself.

Why did you decide to submit to the TNNL anthology?

Because we live in an amazing place with so many stories.

What did you learn about the writing/publication/editing process from your experience in being involved in The Never Never Land?

I learned to specify lunar orbit when I mean lunar orbit and solar orbit when I mean solar orbit 😉

What was your favourite other story in TNNL?

So many! See my review on Goodreads. I loved the finished anthology.

What are you working on now?

Worldbuilding for a novel. Transforming our ancient saltwater crocodiles into a means of transport. I hope that when the novel comes out in three years you find them as awesome as I do, hahaha!

Where do you want to take your writing? What are your writing goals?

I want to be a writer for my job and make enough money to give the Small One as many choices in life as possible. I want writing about tree kangaroos or saltwater crocodiles in a fantasy novel to be equally or less remarkable than writing about horses or deer.

Where can we find you?

My website, thoraiyadyer.com or on Twitter @ThoraiyaDyer


The Never Never Land is available now in paperback and
will be launching in standard ebook formats from 1 July 2016.

Members’ new – August/September 2015

We have comparatively little news to report this month – so little that I suspect we’ve missed something huge – but as usual CSFG members have been busily infiltrating the ranks of the world’s SFFH elite!

Short stories

Tim Napper is continuously his riotously busy writing year with sales of “A Strange Loop” to Interzone and “The Four Deaths of Taylor Ngo” to Straeon Magazine.

David Versace’s“Seven Excerpts from Season One” will appear in the At the Edge anthology from Paper Road Press in 2016. He has also sold a flash fiction piece “Incidental” to EGM Shorts.

Online Fiction

Justin Woolley’s experiment in diarised horror is now appearing online at Listening to the Other Side. New blog entries are appearing regularly.


Craig Cormick’s second book in the Shadow Master series, The Floating City, has been published by Angry Robot Press, and is being launched at Conflux 11 by Isobelle Carmody.

Gillian Polack’s newest novel is out soon from Satalyte Publishing. The Time of the Ghosts will be launching at Conflux 11 as well.


Gillian’s The Middle Ages Unlocked was launched at the Harry Hartog store to much acclaim in August and is now available in Australia. Gillian also has an article on Australian writing and criticism (specifically Indigenous Australian) in the forthcoming issue of Foundation. Finally Gillian has an article on Canberra and science fiction in Aurealis.

Chris Large also continues his contributions to Aurealis, with his interview in Issue #84 with Thoraiya Dyer. They discuss Thoraiya’s award winning story “Wine, Women and Stars” and her recently-announced three-book deal with Tor.


Tina Faulk was recently shortlisted for the Templeberg Writing Award. Congratulations Tina. It looks like a great prize!

Workshops and courses

Check out our page featuring forthcoming courses and workshops being conducted by CSFG members! As usual we have new stuff coming from Ian McHugh, Gillian Polack and others. (And we expect to add new courses soon!)

Conflux 11

Finally, a quick reminder that Conflux 11 is just a couple of weeks away, but there’s still plenty of time to buy memberships and make bookings for special events. CSFG will be launching its newest anthology The Never Never Land on Sunday 4 October at 5:30 pm. We hope we’ll see you there! (So many launches, you guys!)

New postal address

The CSFG has a new postal address, for anyone who wants to send us a parcel or is otherwise still mired in the Flesh Ages of non-digital communication. Ahem.

The new address is:

PO Box 1150
Dickson ACT 2602

Please direct any and all future correspondence of the physical, made-of-wood-pulp variety to that address.

The Never Never Land – TOC Announced!

The table of contents for CSFG’s massive 2015 anthology The Never Never Land has been announced by the triple-threat editorial team of Ian McHugh, Phill Berrie and Mitchell Akhurst. Congratulations to the successful authors!

The Never Never Land: Table of Contents

Consumed – Elizabeth Jakimow
Memory Lane – Suzanne J. Willis
Rainbows of the Drought – Jacob Edwards
The Swagman – Angus Yeates
Terra Australis – Craig Garrett
The Laneway – Richard L. Lagarto
The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth – Jodi Cleghorn
Tirari Desert, SaturdayThoraiya Dyer
Trike Race –  Edwina Harvey and Simon Petrie
Welcome to Australia – Monica Carroll
The Seven-Forty from Paraburdoo – Charlotte Nash
Drought – Adrik Kemp
Jimmy’s Boys – Laura E. Goodin
Ghost Versions – Darren Goossens
She’ll Be Right – Donna Maree Hanson
Adventure Socks – Leife Shallcross
Beyond the Factory Wall – Rivqa Rafael
The Green, Green Grass of Home – Brenda Anderson
Looking For Ben – M. James Richards
Dragon Girl – Cat Sparks
Hard – Helen Stubbs
Rebirth – Linh T. Nguyen
Rust Titan – Chris Large
Done and Darbie’d – Faran Silverton
Against the Current – Dan Baker
To Look Upon a Dream Tiger – Shauna O’Meara
Ferals – William Broom
The Inventor of Ironclad Creek – Michael Kraaz
The Spectacularly Lucky Country – David Coleman
The Nexus Tree – Kimberly Gaal

Cover art and a launch date for the anthology will be announced as soon as possible