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CSFG Member News (June 2012)

Sales, Wins and Publications

Ian McHugh has sold a short-story collection, with the working title of Angel Dust, to Ticonderoga Publications.

Ross Hamilton’s novella “It Hides in Darkness” won the Creative Unpublished Authors Print Ready Competition.

Shauna O’Meara’s story “Blood Lilies” won the Australian Horror Writers’ Association (AHWA) Flash Fiction Competition.

Alan Baxter’s story “Cephalopodia Obsessia” and Nicole Murphy’s story “Euryale” have been accepted for the Bloodstones anthology from Ticonderoga Publications.

Ian McHugh’s story “The Navigator and the Sky” is now free to read online at Giganotosaurus.

Upcoming Workshops, Courses and Events

Gillian Polack will be teaching a one-day workshop on grammar and punctuation at the NSW Writers Centre on 22 July.

Ian McHugh will be teaching a 6 week evening course on writing fiction at the Canberra Institute of Technology from 1 August.

The CSFG team will be writing their Write-a-Book-in-a-Day Contest entry on Sunday 8 July at the ACT Writers Centre.

Honourable Mentions!

A bunch of CSFG members have received honourable mentions from Ellen Datlow in her reading for The Best Horror of the Year #4:

Baxter, Alan, “Punishment of the Sun”, Dead Red Heart

Hanson, Donna Maree, “The Life Stealer”, Dead Red Heart

McHugh, Ian, “The Godbreaker of Seggau-li”, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, #50

Murphy Nicole R., “The Fairy King’s Child”, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, #50

Shortt, Robin, “Babel”, Winds of ChangeRobin’s second published story!

Warren, Kaaron, “A Pot to Piss In”, Voices from the Past

Warren, Kaaron, “All You Can Do is Breathe”, Blood and Other Cravings

Warren, Kaaron, “Lucky Fingers”, The Conflux Cookbook

Free Fiction!

We’re adding links to stories from our anthologies that are available to read for free online! Go to the anthology pages and look for the linked titles.