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Members’ news – October to December 2015

CSFG members have been busy as usual – here’s the latest news. Congratulations in particular to everyone who picked up various awards and gongs! And here’s to a bountiful and successful writing year in 2016!

Short story

Alan Baxter has enjoyed a few publications in an end-of-year rush:

Alan also has a heap of stuff coming out next year:

  • “Under Calliope’s Skin” – SNAFU: Future Warfare anthology (ed. Geoff
    Brown and A J Spedding, Cohesion Press, due Feb. 2016)
  • “Served Cold” – Dreaming in the Dark anthology (ed. Jack Dann, PS
    Publishing, due 2016) (Novelette)
  • “Golden Fortune, Dragon Jade” – And Then… anthology (ed. Lindy Cameron,
    Clan Destine Press, due mid-2016) (Novelette)
  • “Crying Demon” – Suspended In Dusk 2 (ed. Simon Dewar, Books of the Dead
    Press, due mid-2016

Darren Goossen’s “Every Useless Parameter” is coming out soon in Kaleidotrope,

Tim Napper’s short story “A Strange Loop”, which the CSFG critiquing group helped him to polish, will appear in the next next Interzone (#262 – Jan/Feb).

Serial fiction

Kaaron Warren and Craig Cormick have serialised stories coming out over ten days during the Christmas & New Year period on the RiotAct website. This link takes you to Part One.


Elizabeth Dunk (the nom de plume of Nicole Murphy) has the third in her series of contemporary romances Much Ado About Love coming out on 5 January 2016.

Gillian Polack has sold her novel Secret Jewish Women’s Business, to Satalyte. Gillian describes it as “a very Australian feminist Jewish novel with magic and superpowers and bushfires”.


The Wheeler Centre has commissioned new CSFG member Nalini Haynes to write a piece on disability: “Eye and Prejudice: A vision for equity

Chris Large recently interviewed Ann Leckie for Aurealis #86 (the current issue). He also spoke with Trudi Canavan about the release of her new novel Angel of Storms. That interview will appear early in 2016 when Aurealis goes global.

Gillian Polack study of the past decade or so will be going to press sometime in 2016. History and Fiction: Writers, their Research, Worlds and Stories. Several CSFG writers were interviewed in the early stages of this and are quoted.

Awards and Honours

Alan Baxter is going to be the Special Guest at Conflux 12 in October 2016.

Donna Maree Hanson is about to commence a PHD in Creative Writing at the University of Canberra; her topic will be Feminism in Popular Romance.

Nalini Haynes recently graduated with an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing. Her grades were sufficiently high to attract an invitation to join the Golden Key International Honours Society.

Chris Large’s story “Future Me, Future Her” was highly recommended by the SciFi Film Festival and won a Dimension6 encouragement award at the ceremony.

C.H. (Celia) Pearce won the Marjorie Graber-McInnis Short Story Award for a speculative short story titled “Torvald’s Year”.  The ACT Writers Centre will publish the story on their blog and in their magazine early next year.


Gillian Polack teaches creative writing course through Belconnen Community Service every Wednesday morning during term.

Gillian also has a number of courses available through the Australian National University Centre for Continuing Education:

(These will all go on the Workshops and Courses page soon)

(Epic) Interview with Nicole Murphy

by Ian McHugh

With the re-release of her Dream of Asarlai trilogy as an e-book omnibus, I took the opportunity to interview Our Nicole about the books, her writing process, cover letters, using life model decoys and planning like Rimmer from Red Dwarf (you’ll see).

COV_DreamOfAsarlaiDream of Asarlai Trilogy

An exciting Urban Fantasy trilogy full of intrigue, action and a hint of romance. For centuries, the gadda have worked to keep their identity secret from the rapidly expanding human race. All this is now at risk – the most terrible of gadda teachings, the Forbidden Texts, have been stolen and the race is on to find them. Asarlai believes the gadda should rule the world, and she will risk everything, and everyone, to achieve her ambition. As the body-count mounts, Asarlai finds a powerful ally and the pressure builds to stop her and retrieve the Forbidden Texts before she can change the world forever. Join Maggie Shaunessy, Ione Gorton and Hampton Rouke on their quests to save what is dear to them … and the world as they know it.

Praise for Nicole Murphy: ‘engaging’ DAILY TELEGRAPH, ‘compelling’ KIWI REVIEWS, ‘fresh and interesting approach to an urban fantasy series’ Bookseller+Publisher, ‘a rollicking romp through the space where romance and fantasy collide’ The Courier-Mail

– – –

In terms of your current writing projects, The Dream of Asarlai trilogy must seem like a bit of a blast from the past for you as the author. How does it feel to have the books re-issued as an omnibus edition?

It feels amazing! I love that the publisher, HarperCollins, has enough faith in these books that they’re prepared to do this for them. Even though, quite frankly, the sales haven’t been fantastic. I’ve believed in these books from the beginning, have been sure there’s an audience out there for them, it’s just a matter of finding them. It’s nice that my publisher has the same belief and is willing to try new things to find that audience.

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Interview with Patty Jansen

by Ian McHugh

Following the release of her new e-book, Innocence Lost – part one of her For Queen and Country saga – I interviewed Patty Jansen about the new book, self-publishing and her writing process. This will be the first in an occasional series of interviews with CSFG members on the pretext of whenever they have new publications or wins or other big writing news.

ForQueenAndCountry1-187x300For Queen and Country 1: Innocence Lost a history-inspired fantasy saga with lots of magic…

Johanna is the daughter of a rich merchant in Saardam. As only child and without a mother, she has grown up with notions, such as that she wants to take over her father’s river trade business in her own name. Courtesy of her eastern mother, she has an unusual ability. She sees things in willow wood: whenever she touches wood, it shows her what has happened around the tree or wooden object. Any kind of magic is not common in Saardam, and the Church of the Triune, which rapidly gains influence in the city, forbids it.

– – –

The first thing you notice about a book is its cover. Your books tend to have quite striking covers, including Innocence Lost. As a self-publishing author, how do you go about procuring good cover art?

I’m going to tell you something that everyone tells you not to do: I do it myself. Although I have no official training, visual art has always been part of my life. I’ve had several goes at trying to get someone else to design a “professional” cover for me (whatever “professional” might mean), but I’ve never been happy with the results except the cover for The Far Horizon, which was done by English artist Tom Edwards. All the other ones I’ve done myself.

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Donna Hanson has been interviewing, like, everyone!

Well, three people, actually – but that’s still pretty busy.

Marianne De Pierres

Glenda Larke

And, disguised as her mild-mannered alter ego:

Ainslie Paton


Interview with Shauna O’Meara

CSFG’s most recent Writers of the Future Contest winner, Shauna O’Meara, has been interviewed at the Sputnik’s Orbit blog, about liking spiders, winning at Donkey Kong and being able to warble like an Australian Magpie, among other matters of grave importance. Oh, and writing.