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Member News – November 16-January 17

We have a world of news to catch up on since our last update, which only goes to show that life can move pretty fast if you’re not paying attention (or if you just neglect your blog for several months over a very hot summer!)

World’s Finest!

One of the big ticket items on the speculative fiction calendar is the end of year proliferation of year’s best anthologies. This year CSFG have had a probably-record two entries in international volumes recognising the best S&SF of 2016:

  • Ian McHugh’s ‘The Baby Eaters’, originally printed in Asimov’s January 2016, will appear in in The Year’s Best Science-Fiction, Thirty-Fourth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois.
  • T.R. Napper (aka Tim)’s story ‘A Strange Loop’, originally printed in Interzone 262, will appear in Neil Clarke’s The Best Science Fiction of the Year – Volume 2.

Congratulations to Ian and Tim!

Australian Year’s Best

Ticonderoga Publications’ annual anthology of The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror is another highlight of the Australian speculative community’s year. An impressive lineup of CSFG members have made the Table of Contents this year, including Rivqa and Cat’s stories from CSFG’s most recent anthology The Never Never Land.

  • Alan Baxter, “The Chart of the Vagrant Mariner”
  • Kimberley Gaal, “In Sheep’s Clothing”
  • Rivqa Rafael, “Beyond the Factory Wall”
  • Cat Sparks, “Dragon Girl”
  • Kaaron Warren, “Mine Intercom”

Best of Midnight Echo

Australia’s premiere horror fiction magazine Midnight Echo, the journal of the Australian Horror Writers Association, recently published Dead of Night: Best of Midnight Echo. The anthology is “a showcase of Australia and New Zealand’s darkest imaginations”, and features stories by CSFG’s:

  • Alan Baxter, “Trawling the Void”
  • Shauna O’Meara, “Blood Lilies”
  • Zena Shapter, “Darker”

Recommended Reading

Early in the new year, a number of sites post recommended reading lists, summarising what they consider the best and most notable works of the past year – and again, CSFG members have made appearances.

Tangent Online’s Recommended Reading List mentions two CSFG’ers: “Flame Trees” by T. R. Napper (Asimov’s April-May 2016) and “Breathing” by Leife Shallcross (Aurealis #95)

If that list isn’t long enough for you, you might also want to check out the Locus Online Recommended Reading List. It doesn’t have any CSFG members on it, but is still a useful collection of links to some excellent stories).


Rivqa Rafael is co-editing an intersectional feminist spec fic anthology called Problem Daughters. Problem Daughters will amplify the voices of women who are sometimes excluded from mainstream feminism. It will be an anthology of beautiful, thoughtful, unconventional speculative fiction and poetry around the theme of intersectional feminism, focusing on the lives and experiences of marginalized women, such as those who are of colour, QUILTBAG, disabled, sex workers, and all intersections of these.

Problem Daughters is crowdfunding until 14 February 2017, so hop on over if you would like to support this project.

Rivqa recently had a guest post on Elizabeth Fitzgerald’s blog regarding Problem Daughters and international differences in diversity. She’s also appeared in conversation with Gillian Polack at The History Girls blog: Two Jews, Three Opinions.

Other News

Satalyte Publishing

After all that good news, some bad: Satalyte Publishing went out of business early in the new year, which has sadly affected a number of CSFG members. Commiserations to Gillian Polack, Phill Berrie, Dawn Meredith and Chris Andrews, who all either had novels in print or were due to be published soon. (Especially Gillian, who has just had four books go out of print, including one that was only launched in September!)

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Elizabeth is running a series of interviews with all the GUFF candidates. The first is with
Belle McQuattie
, with others to follow. Don’t forget to cast your vote for a GUFF candidate, or just make a donation to support the cause, if you haven’t already!

Ross Hamilton

Ross has secured a semi-regular gig writing book reviews for The Big Issue. (The issue out this weekend contains one of his).

Gillian Polack

In better news for Gillian, her essay on James Tiptree Jr/Alice Sheldon was voted one of the top five columns in Strange Horizons’ 2016 Readers Poll.

Gillian has also become (as far as this post editor is aware) the first CSFG member to launch a Patreon page to solicit support for her ongoing writing. Please consider pledging if you want to help fund Gillian’s ongoing writing – there are recipes (and also a treasure trove of Gillian’s previously unpublished juvenilia, recently recovered from a box)!

And finally, Gillian will be presenting a paper at Worldcon. What will it be about? You might have to go to Worldcon in Helsinki in August to find out!

Zena Shapter

Zena has recently signed with the Donald Maass Agency in New York, which will hopefully lead to big things. The full announcement is on Zena’s blog.

Zena is also teaching her year-long course ‘The Year Your Book Gets Written’ at Mosman College. The Mosman Daily did a little article about it.


This is probably an incomplete list (we will update the relevant part of the site soon!) but Gillian Polack has a range of short course and workshops coming up:

(The latter is timed to coincide with a new collection of essays on Game of Thrones, in which Gillian gets the last word closing essay)


Member News – October 2016

With the busy business of Conflux and the CSFG AGM now behind us, it’s time to celebrate the wins, the milestones and the culmination of grand schemes that take us ever closer to our perhaps-overshared secret goal of WORLD DOMINATION!

In other words, here’s what our lovely and brilliant members have achieved over the past few months that they would like to share with the world.


It’s a pretty huge deal to get a publishing contract, so we’re very pleased to have not one but two members with exciting book deals to announce:

Sam Hawke has taken the first step toward an exciting publishing debut with a two book deal with Tor. Her first novel, City of Lies, is the first book in The Poison Wars epic fantasy series. Here’s the official Tor announcement! And here’s what Sam had to say over at her blog: My Best Boring Story (hint: it’s not boring, it’s super exciting!)

Zena Shapter has announced the sale of her new novel  Towards White to IWFG Publishing. (Here’s the press release) And as if that were not enough,just this week Zena launched the middle grade science fiction novel Into Tordon (co-written by 9! authors under the name Z. F Kingbolt) from Midnight Sun. Check it out!

Phill Berrie‘s novel Transgressions (Book One of the Engelian Transformations series) has been out in ebook for a while, but Satalyte Publishing recently launched the hardcopy version at Conflux.

Short Stories

Simon Petrie put his novelette ‘All the Colours of the Tomato” through the CSFG critiquing group a few years ago. This month it appeared in Dimension6 magazine #9, available for free download from Couer de Lion. For a much quicker read, Simon’s very short story ‘Jumping to Conclusions’ featured recently at Anti SF online magazine.

Leife Shallcross has a story called ‘Breathing’ in this month’s Aurealis #95 (which went out to subscribers as I was writing this post, so consider it hot off the presses!)

Zena Shapter‘s had a busy few months. As well as her novels, her story ‘Made’ is about to appear in the anthology Let Us In Volume 3 from Time Alone Press. As well as that, her story ‘Let the Tempest Hold Me Down’ has been included in the new collection of stories Sci Phi Journal, Q1 2016: The Journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy (Volume 1).


Congratulations to everyone on the great work!

AGM and Life Memberships

Committee News

This week’s CSFG Annual General Meeting saw the turnover of the Committee and the appointment of a new President:

Angus Yeates has succeeded Leife Shallcross as the World Dominator-in-Chief of the CSFG. Congratulations to Angus for stepping up to become our human shield glorious leader!

Angus is joined on the Committee by returning members Rik Lagarto, Mitchell Akhurst (Secretary) and Leife Shallcross, and new volunteers Louise Peiper (Vice President) and Amelia Cook.

Update! Also Simon Petrie, who has returned to the Committee from his adventures wandering the outer dimensions, and will share the secrets he has learned with those who show promise of greatness by matching him pun for pun!

David Versace has agreed to remain as a vague spectral presence somewhere near the corner of the Committee’s eye until such time as a new Treasurer can be successfully summoned and bound.

Our thanks and congratulations to the outgoing Committee and a hearty welcome to the fresh-faced, match-fit newcomers!

Life Memberships

As its final act, the outgoing Committee conferred lifetime memberships of the Guild to two long-time members who have made outstanding contributions to the Canberra speculative fiction community and to the Australian genre landscape. This was the first time since the Rules were amended in 2015 that this honour has been conferred.

Nicole Murphy and Kaaron Warren are long-standing members of CSFG who have both made remarkable impacts over the years.


The new life members, flanked by outgoing and incoming CSFG Presidents. (Leife, Nicole, Kaaron, Angus)

Nicole (who also writes as romance author Elizabeth Dunk) has been a CSFG member, a Committee member of multiple Conflux conventions, the organiser of the Conflux Writers Day and a convenor for the Aurealis Awards. Somehow between all that she has had nine novels and dozens of shorts stories published.

Kaaron is the author of five novels – the latest of which, The Grief Hole, was launched at the National Library in August – and over a hundred short stories (including six collections, one of which was published by CSFG). Kaaron has been awarded or shortlisted for almost every horror fiction prize going, here and overseas; she won a Shirley Jackson Award in 2013 for her novella ‘Sky’ (which also picked up the Aurealis, Ditmar and Australian Shadows awards. It’s really good!).

Congratulations to our new Life Members – may they go on to ever greater accomplishments (for which CSFG will then shamelessly claim partial credit)!

Member News – July 2016

Lots of exciting activity going on with CSFG members during this winter months. Canberra’s wet and miserable weather seems to be spurring us to great (indoor) efforts!

Sales and Publications

Tim Napper’s story ‘The Great Buddhist Monk Beat Down’ will appear in an upcoming edition of Galaxy’s Edge Magazine.

Tim has also secured the services of a UK literary agent (Piers Blofeld of Sheil Land Associates) to help him sell his debut novel.

Shauna O’Meara’s flash fiction ‘Photo of a Tiger’ is currently appearing in The Worcester Journal.

Shauna also has a military SF novella ‘Hashtage WhiteBitch’ in The Last Outpost anthology from Pushpin Books and the story ‘The Laugh Contagious’ in the anthology Let Us In Volume 1 from Time Alone Press.

Finally in Shauna’s big news month, she was also a finalist in the Arizona State University Climate Fiction Short Story Contest (judged by Kim Stanley Robinson!) with her story ‘On Darwin Tides’.

Gillian Polack’s article on how she constructed the conversation in Langue[dot]doc has been published the most recent edition of postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies.

With the revivication of Satalyte Press, the launch date of Gillian’s next novel The Wizardry of Jewish Women should be rescheduled soon.

(And congratulations to Gillian, of course, for getting through her recent health troubles. We’re all very glad to hear you are on the mend, Gillian!)

Cat Sheely has been leading the charge down at the coast: the Secret Society of Words (SSOW) recently released their NaNo 2015 shared writing project – a novella called Alien Zoo. It is available this month on Smashwords for USD $0.99 for July.


Chris Large’s interviews in Aurealis continue with an excellent two-part interview with Jennifer Fallon in issues 90 and 91. That’s followed in issue 92 by an interview with Tasmanian author Francesca Haig, whose novels The Fire Sermon and The Map of Bones have been purchased by DreamWorks and are in the process of being adapted for film by Nicole Perlman of Guardians of the Galaxy fame.

Chris’ interview with David McDonald about his Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America novels will appear later in the year.

Ian McHugh has interviewed Alan Baxter about the relaunch of his Alex Caine novels, in which they handily propose a new Principle of World Building.

Conventions and Talks

Another reminder, if anyone still needs one, that Alan Baxter will be the Guest of Honour at this year’s Conflux convention (29 September to 2 October in Canberra).

Cat Sparks will be speaking on speculation, science fiction, collective consciousness and environmental narratives of the future, an ‘In Conversation’ with Chris Palmer as part of ANU’s Student Research Conference, 5.30pm, Thursday, 14th July.

Gillian Polack will be presenting the latest in The Write Stuff series of free writing workshops at the Gunghalin Library on the subject of world-building on Wednesday 20 July. Bookings essential as places are limited.

Alan Baxter and Zena Shapter will be appearing on a speculative fiction panel at this year’s BezerkaCon, along with Richard Harland and Keith Stevenson (Sunday 31st July in Croydon, Sydney).


Rob Porteous and Paula Boer will be among the mentors attending The Writers of the Far South Coast retreat in Tathra on the weekend of 5-7 August. A great opportunity to do some writing in a peaceful location and get some one-on-one mentoring as well.

Writing Opportunities

A reminder that the Conflux/CSFG short story contest closes on 31 July. Free entry to CSFG members, and the prize money is Not To Be Sneezed At!

The deadline for Cat Sparks and Liz Grzyb’s Ecopunk anthology has been extended to 31 August.
Cat adds: If you’re not really clear on what we’re looking for, I suggest getting hold of a copy of Loosed Upon the World, The Saga Anthology of Climate Fiction edited by John Joseph Adams. Several of the stories within hit the Ecopunk nail right on the head. Eg: ‘Staying Afloat’ by Angela Penrose or ‘Outliers’ by Nicole Feldringer, or ‘Mitigation’ by Tobias S Buckell & Karl Schroeder.

Members News – April – May 2016


The Australian Horror Writers Association recently announced the winners for the 2015 Australian Shadows Awards, representing the very best in horror works produced by Australian and New Zealand writers in the calendar year of 2015. CSFG members taking home the incredibly cool Shadow Award statues this year included:

We should also give a shout-out to Marty Young’s Blurring the Lines, which won the Shadow Award for Best Edited Work and includes stories by CSFG members…wait for it…Alan Baxter and Kaaron Warren.

Professional development

Leife Shallcross and Rob Porteous are both pleased to announce this week that they have been accepted into ACT Writers Centre ‘Hardcopy 2016’ professional development program for writers. Congratulations to Leife and Rob, and for any of our local members looking for some assistance with their novel manuscripts in 2017, check out the Hardcopy program.

Games and Interactive Fiction

A number of CSFG members are pursuing non-traditional writing gigs you may not have considered.

Matthew Farrer, Elizabeth Fitzgerald and Rik Lagarto all contributed to Under Quarantine, an expansion book for the Through the Breach roleplaying game from the Wyrd games company.

Felicity Banks  has written several new interactive fiction adventures recently:


Dawn Meredith’s The Boy Who Went to War, a five-year project written in collaboration with 92 year old WWII veteran Jim Haynes, will be launching soon if you happen to be near the Blue Mountains: 2:00 pm on 30th April 30th at Wentworth Falls School of Arts.

The launch of Gillian Polack’s most recent work The Wizardry of Jewish Women has been deferred due to ill health and publication problems. Hopefully it’s no more than a temporary pause. (And get well soon Gillian!)

Workshops and Short Courses

Chris Andrews will be presenting a new short course at CIT Solutions this semester: Creating Compelling Characters. If you need to spice up your characters and turn them into people your readers will love (or hate!), check out Chris’ course.

Craig Cormick is presenting a free session at Gungahlin Library on Wednesday, 27 April, talking about “How to Make a Short Story Better”. Unfortunately the session is completely booked out, but keep an eye on the Gungahlin Library site for similar upcoming events.

Members News – January to March 2016

Update: Edited to correct the spelling of Rivqa’s name – sorry Rivqa!

Awards Season

Several of the major Australian genre awards are upon us, with nominations recently announced for the Aurealis and Ditmar Awards. CSFG members were well-represented on the shortlists:

In the Aurealis Awards shortlist:

  • Kimberley Gaal featured with two nominations for Best Young Adult Short Story (“In Sheep’s Clothing” from Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #61, and “The Nexus Tree” from the CSFG anthology The Never Never Land). Congrats Kim!
  • Clare McKenna and Kaaron Warren will be facing off for Best Science Fiction Short Story for “The Marriage of the Corn King” (Cosmos) and “Witnessing” (The Canary Press Story Magazine #6) respectively
  • Tehani Wesselly has been nominated as editor for Best Anthology for Focus 2014: highlights of Australian short fiction (FableCroft Publishing)

In the Ditmar Awards shortlist:

  • Cat Sparks has been nominated for Best Novella or Novelette for “Hot Rods”, Lightspeed Science Fiction & Fantasy 58
  • Alan Baxter has been nominated for Best Short Story for “The Chart of the Vagrant Mariner”, in Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan/Feb 2015
  • Tehani Wesselly as co-editor has been nominated for Best Collection for Cranky Ladies of History, edited by Tansy Rayner Roberts and Tehani Wessely (FableCroft Publishing)
  • Shauna O’Meara has been nominated for Best Artwork for her beautiful cover for CSFG’s own The Never Never Land
  • Rivqa Rafael and Tim Napper have both been nominated for Best New Talent
  • Tehani Wesselly has also picked up nominations for the William Atheling Award for Criticism or Review for her collaborative review project Reviewing New Who and Squeeing Over Supergirl

In a bit of unusual news for CSFG, Donna Maree Hanson (under her Dani Kristoff pen name) is a finalist in the Australian Romance Readers Association 2015 awards for her paranormal romance novel Spiritbound!

Congratulations to all the nominees and good luck for the upcoming awards!


Kaaron Warren shared the very exciting news of a new book deal with Australian speculative fiction publisher IFWG, who will be publishing her novel The Grief Hole later in 2016.

Gillian Polack’s new non-fiction work History and Fiction: Writers, their Research, Worlds and Stories is out from Peter Lang International Academic Publishers in the UK in April-May. The book is about how writers use history in their fiction and includes interviews with a number of CSFG authors.

Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Tim Napper has been busy lately: he has sold short stories to Lontar: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction and Grimdark Magazine (appearing in issue #6, out now). His previously announced story ‘The Flame Trees’ is coming out in Asimov’s Science Fiction in April or May. Tim has also sold two translated stories to Austrian magazine Visionarium and the Hebrew-language SF site Blipanka.

Rivka Rafael has a short story forthcoming in Twelfth Planet’s anthology Defying Doomsday.

Zena Shapter’s short story ‘Let the Tempest Hold Me Down’ will be free to read from 24 March at Sci Phi Journal. Zena adds “Sci Phi Journal is an online science fiction and philosophy magazine that ‘explores questions of life, the universe, and anything that delves into the deep philosophical waters of science fiction universes. Oh, and I’m also supposed to encourage peeps to subscribe (in March!) because the journal’s authors get paid a percentage of subscription fees.”

David Versace has a flash fiction story in the February releases at EGM Shorts called ‘Incidental’.

Literary Festivals

Canberra’s Noted Festival is coming up in March. Kaaron Warren will be running a workshop on getting away from the desk to find inspiration for writing horror: Where the Wild Words Are


Finally, congratulations to Donna Maree Hanson, who started her PhD studies at the University of Canberra in February.



Members’ news – October to December 2015

CSFG members have been busy as usual – here’s the latest news. Congratulations in particular to everyone who picked up various awards and gongs! And here’s to a bountiful and successful writing year in 2016!

Short story

Alan Baxter has enjoyed a few publications in an end-of-year rush:

Alan also has a heap of stuff coming out next year:

  • “Under Calliope’s Skin” – SNAFU: Future Warfare anthology (ed. Geoff
    Brown and A J Spedding, Cohesion Press, due Feb. 2016)
  • “Served Cold” – Dreaming in the Dark anthology (ed. Jack Dann, PS
    Publishing, due 2016) (Novelette)
  • “Golden Fortune, Dragon Jade” – And Then… anthology (ed. Lindy Cameron,
    Clan Destine Press, due mid-2016) (Novelette)
  • “Crying Demon” – Suspended In Dusk 2 (ed. Simon Dewar, Books of the Dead
    Press, due mid-2016

Darren Goossen’s “Every Useless Parameter” is coming out soon in Kaleidotrope,

Tim Napper’s short story “A Strange Loop”, which the CSFG critiquing group helped him to polish, will appear in the next next Interzone (#262 – Jan/Feb).

Serial fiction

Kaaron Warren and Craig Cormick have serialised stories coming out over ten days during the Christmas & New Year period on the RiotAct website. This link takes you to Part One.


Elizabeth Dunk (the nom de plume of Nicole Murphy) has the third in her series of contemporary romances Much Ado About Love coming out on 5 January 2016.

Gillian Polack has sold her novel Secret Jewish Women’s Business, to Satalyte. Gillian describes it as “a very Australian feminist Jewish novel with magic and superpowers and bushfires”.


The Wheeler Centre has commissioned new CSFG member Nalini Haynes to write a piece on disability: “Eye and Prejudice: A vision for equity

Chris Large recently interviewed Ann Leckie for Aurealis #86 (the current issue). He also spoke with Trudi Canavan about the release of her new novel Angel of Storms. That interview will appear early in 2016 when Aurealis goes global.

Gillian Polack study of the past decade or so will be going to press sometime in 2016. History and Fiction: Writers, their Research, Worlds and Stories. Several CSFG writers were interviewed in the early stages of this and are quoted.

Awards and Honours

Alan Baxter is going to be the Special Guest at Conflux 12 in October 2016.

Donna Maree Hanson is about to commence a PHD in Creative Writing at the University of Canberra; her topic will be Feminism in Popular Romance.

Nalini Haynes recently graduated with an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing. Her grades were sufficiently high to attract an invitation to join the Golden Key International Honours Society.

Chris Large’s story “Future Me, Future Her” was highly recommended by the SciFi Film Festival and won a Dimension6 encouragement award at the ceremony.

C.H. (Celia) Pearce won the Marjorie Graber-McInnis Short Story Award for a speculative short story titled “Torvald’s Year”.  The ACT Writers Centre will publish the story on their blog and in their magazine early next year.


Gillian Polack teaches creative writing course through Belconnen Community Service every Wednesday morning during term.

Gillian also has a number of courses available through the Australian National University Centre for Continuing Education:

(These will all go on the Workshops and Courses page soon)

Donna Maree Hanson Interview

CSFG luminary Donna Maree Hanson is currently doing a blog tour to promote her Dragon Wine duology: Shatterwing and Skywatcher.

Dragonwine Postcard


Ian McHugh has an extensive interview with Donna about the reception to the books’ launch last year and to the thorny topic of writing about confronting subjects. Here’s an excerpt:

When we talked about the books coming out last year, you said that it was scary that your baby was finally going to be out in the world for people to read. How’s that been going for you?

I think I’m a little bit more relaxed about my baby being out in the world now. There have been some fabulous reviews and some negative ones, but overall I get the sense that the people who have read it have respected it as a story. It was always going to be difficult for some readers given the dark content. I don’t wish to defend that and I can totally understand their views. The darkness is what came out of me when I wrote the story and writing the story was me processing this world we live in. I’ve been surprised too by some readers who thought nothing of the content. I’ve even said,”Beware chapter ten” but they are like, meh! Others have been traumatised.

What’s stood out most to you about people’s reactions?

Oh dear. I think I covered some of that. I can only go on some of the comments and reviews. I have been so blown away by comments from readers who loved the story and gave me feedback like, “Give up your day job and write more. You’re an awesome writer.” Or emails, “Is there more? If so, when?” I think the most interesting comment was on Goodreads where a reader totally did not like how the relationship between Danton and Salinda went and absolutely hated Nils. She refused to read more of that Salinda and Nils part. I sort of smile and think the story is not over yet. Most of all I am really astounded how some people really get the story, get the message I was going for. Something along the lines of: yes, there are scary monster dragons, but some of the people here are even scarier.

You can read the rest of this great interview over at Ian’s blog.

Donna’s publisher Momentum Books is currently running a free giveaway for Shatterwing, the first Dragon Wine book. You can pick up a free copy of the ebook here.


Update: This is just one entry in an impressive blog tour that Donna is running throughout December and January. Donna has the full list of interviews here at her web site. When it’s all done we will post more links to the entries hosted by other CSFG members!

Members’ new – August/September 2015

We have comparatively little news to report this month – so little that I suspect we’ve missed something huge – but as usual CSFG members have been busily infiltrating the ranks of the world’s SFFH elite!

Short stories

Tim Napper is continuously his riotously busy writing year with sales of “A Strange Loop” to Interzone and “The Four Deaths of Taylor Ngo” to Straeon Magazine.

David Versace’s“Seven Excerpts from Season One” will appear in the At the Edge anthology from Paper Road Press in 2016. He has also sold a flash fiction piece “Incidental” to EGM Shorts.

Online Fiction

Justin Woolley’s experiment in diarised horror is now appearing online at Listening to the Other Side. New blog entries are appearing regularly.


Craig Cormick’s second book in the Shadow Master series, The Floating City, has been published by Angry Robot Press, and is being launched at Conflux 11 by Isobelle Carmody.

Gillian Polack’s newest novel is out soon from Satalyte Publishing. The Time of the Ghosts will be launching at Conflux 11 as well.


Gillian’s The Middle Ages Unlocked was launched at the Harry Hartog store to much acclaim in August and is now available in Australia. Gillian also has an article on Australian writing and criticism (specifically Indigenous Australian) in the forthcoming issue of Foundation. Finally Gillian has an article on Canberra and science fiction in Aurealis.

Chris Large also continues his contributions to Aurealis, with his interview in Issue #84 with Thoraiya Dyer. They discuss Thoraiya’s award winning story “Wine, Women and Stars” and her recently-announced three-book deal with Tor.


Tina Faulk was recently shortlisted for the Templeberg Writing Award. Congratulations Tina. It looks like a great prize!

Workshops and courses

Check out our page featuring forthcoming courses and workshops being conducted by CSFG members! As usual we have new stuff coming from Ian McHugh, Gillian Polack and others. (And we expect to add new courses soon!)

Conflux 11

Finally, a quick reminder that Conflux 11 is just a couple of weeks away, but there’s still plenty of time to buy memberships and make bookings for special events. CSFG will be launching its newest anthology The Never Never Land on Sunday 4 October at 5:30 pm. We hope we’ll see you there! (So many launches, you guys!)

Book launch on 26 August at Harry Hartog

Our own Doctor-Doctor Gillian Polack invites medieval history enthusiasts and book lovers everywhere* to join her for the launch of her hefty non-fiction tome The Middle Ages Unlocked: A Guide to Life in Medieval England, 1050 – 1300.

The event will be hosted by Matthew Farrer and will feature medieval nibblies (which may or may not be historically-accurate gastronomic terminology) and a Q & A with the author.

Harry Hartog in the Woden shopping centre will host the event on Wednesday 26th August from 6:30 pm. Don’t be late!

Follow the link for more details.

* within sensible travelling distance of Canberra