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Interview with Patty Jansen

by Ian McHugh

Following the release of her new e-book, Innocence Lost – part one of her For Queen and Country saga – I interviewed Patty Jansen about the new book, self-publishing and her writing process. This will be the first in an occasional series of interviews with CSFG members on the pretext of whenever they have new publications or wins or other big writing news.

ForQueenAndCountry1-187x300For Queen and Country 1: Innocence Lost a history-inspired fantasy saga with lots of magic…

Johanna is the daughter of a rich merchant in Saardam. As only child and without a mother, she has grown up with notions, such as that she wants to take over her father’s river trade business in her own name. Courtesy of her eastern mother, she has an unusual ability. She sees things in willow wood: whenever she touches wood, it shows her what has happened around the tree or wooden object. Any kind of magic is not common in Saardam, and the Church of the Triune, which rapidly gains influence in the city, forbids it.

– – –

The first thing you notice about a book is its cover. Your books tend to have quite striking covers, including Innocence Lost. As a self-publishing author, how do you go about procuring good cover art?

I’m going to tell you something that everyone tells you not to do: I do it myself. Although I have no official training, visual art has always been part of my life. I’ve had several goes at trying to get someone else to design a “professional” cover for me (whatever “professional” might mean), but I’ve never been happy with the results except the cover for The Far Horizon, which was done by English artist Tom Edwards. All the other ones I’ve done myself.

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CSFG Member News (March 2014)


To Kaaron Warren, who continues to win all of the awards, taking out Best Science Fiction Short Story at the 2013 Aurealis Awards with her story “Air, Water and the Grove”.

To Rob Easterbrook for finishing his PhD!


Alan Baxter’s forthcoming novel, Bound

bound cover

Patty Jansen’s new novel,For Queen and Country: Innocence Lost


The e-book omnibus edition of Nicole Murphy’s Dream of Asarlai trilogy


(more on these books shortly)

Upcoming workshops and courses

Editing Your Own Stories with Ian McHugh, at the ACT Writers Centre, Gorman House, Braddon
10am-4pm, Saturday Saturday 12 April 2014

Sales and Publications

David Walker has a new flash fiction, “Mappa Tuesdi”, free to read on line at Antipodean SF

Gillian Polack’s PhD dissertation, “Novelists and their history”, has been published at Taylor & Francis Online

Interview with Shauna O’Meara

CSFG’s most recent Writers of the Future Contest winner, Shauna O’Meara, has been interviewed at the Sputnik’s Orbit blog, about liking spiders, winning at Donkey Kong and being able to warble like an Australian Magpie, among other matters of grave importance. Oh, and writing.

CSFG Member News (February 2014)


To Kaaron Warren, whose story “The Human Moth” is shortlisted for Best Horror Short Fiction and whose story “Air, Water and the Grove” is shortlisted for Best SF Short Fiction, and Ian McHugh, whose story “Cold, Cold War” is listed for Best Fantasy Short Fiction at the 2013 Aurealis Awards.

Upcoming Workshops and Courses

How to Know Yourself as a Writer with Zena Shapter
Mossman Community College, Spit Junction, Sydney
10am-3.30pm, Saturday 29 March

Editing Your Own Stories with Ian McHugh
ACT Writers Centre, Gorman House, Braddon
10am-4pm, Saturday Saturday 12 April 2014

More details here.

Sales and Publications

Simon Dewar has sold his horror anthology Suspended in Dusk to books of the Dead Press.

Alan Baxter has sold his story “Shadows of the Lonely Dead” to Simon for Suspended in Dusk and his story “Upon a Distant Shore” to Dimension6.

Simon Petrie has sold a series of seven drabbles to SpeckLit.

Ian has sold his story “Remembering Zheng He” to new Indian magazine The Affair.

Mike Pieloor has a story out in the Dark Hall Press Cosmic Horror Anthology.


Simon P’s collection Rare Unsigned Copy is the subject of a detailed and glowing review at Tsana’s Reads and Reviews.

Check out Shauna O’Meara’s art portfolio

Shauna O’Meara has put together a Flickr portfolio of her illustration work for CSFG’s Next anthology, Nicole Murphy’s In Fabula-divino and others. Here’s the cover she did for Next:


Great stuff – check out the rest.

Interview with Donna Hanson at Dark Side Down Under

AKA Dani Kristoff, following the publication of her new paranormal romance novel, Bespelled.

Check out the interview here.

CSFG Member News (January 2014)

(and for the last bit of December when we were all flaked out on holidays)


To Kaaron Warren, whose story “Air, Water and the Grove” has been included in The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2014 from Prime Books.

To Alan Baxter, whose story “The Fathomed Wreck To See” and Ian McHugh, whose stories “From Sorrow’s Gate”, “The Canal Barge Magician’s Number Nine Daughter”, “When the Rain Comin” and “Cold, Cold War” were included in the Tangent Online 2013 Recommended Reading List

To Kaaron, whose story “The Unwanted Women of Surrey” and Ian, whose “The Canal Barge Magician’s Number Nine Daughter” made the 2013 Locus Recommended Reading List

To Gillian Polack, who on the Get Up-and-over Fan Fund (GUFF) ballot to get to Loncon 3. Voting information is here.

Upcoming Workshops and Courses

Ian’s first “Fiction Writing – The Basics” evening course for 2014 begins on Tuesday 18 February at CIT Reid Campus

Registrations are open for the Conflux Writer’s Day on Saturday 5 April 2014, at which several CSFG members will be presenting sessions.

New Writers’ Services Listings

Phillip Berrie – continuity editing and proofing
M.A. Dunham – copy and content editing
Rivqa Rafael – sub-editing and copy editing

Sales and Publications

Nicole Murphy, writing as Elizabeth Dunk, has sold a collection of four paranormal erotica novellas, titled Release, to Escape Publishing, due out in June.

Nicole also sold her story “The Wild Colonial Clockwork Boy” to the Kisses by Clockwork anthology from Ticonderoga Publications

Patty Jansen has released her latest e-book, Ambassador 2: Raising Hell, the sequel to her 2013 novel Ambassador: Seeing Red.

Donna Hanson has a new book out, Bespelled from Escape Publishing, under her Dani Kristoff by-line

Simon Petrie’s free story sampler Needs More Dinosaurs is free to download from Peggy Bright Books

Alan’s story, “All the Wealth in the World” is free to read online at Lakeside Circus

David Walker’s story “Rogue Wave” if free to read online at Antipodean SF

New novel from Patty Jansen

Ambassador2-2aPatty Jansen has released her latest book, Ambassador 2: Raising Hell, the sequel to her 2013 novel Ambassador: Seeing Red.

Seeing Red is available as an e-book and as a trade paperback from Ticonderoga Publications.

Raising Hell is currently available in e-book formats and Patty is running a 99c introductory offer RIGHT NOW!


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Interview with JT Clay

CSFG member Donna Hanson has interviewed CSFG member JT Clay in the wake of her first novel, A Single Girl’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Not that we’re a sheltered workshop or anything – it’s part of Donna’s new author spotlight interview series.

The novel is available at Momentum Books and Amazon and you can read a couple of excerpts here.