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Lazy writing and the survival of the human race

by Leife Shallcross

Lazy writing and the survival of the human race… in animated movies

I was having a discussion with some writerly friends a while ago about female leads in spec fic films. The conversation was started by an article that was arguing for a female protagonist in the next Star Wars movie, to be made by Disney some time soon. It was pretty interesting, and had some good points.

Naturally, though, this broadened out to a discussion of the nature of female characters in spec fic films generally. Are there enough of them? Are there enough leads? And are they genuinely well-rounded, complex human beings?

I’ll put myself out there and say I’m in the camp that thinks the answer to those questions is no.

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All About Pitching

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One of the hardest tasks to befall a writer is turning months, years of labour and hundreds of pages, thousands of words, into a few brief sentences.

But that is the task that you will take on if you decide to take part in one of the pitches at Conflux 9.

So far, we’ve got three agents lined up to hear pitches at various times during the conference, and we’re talking to several publishers as well. But don’t think you’ll have forever to win them over – five minutes, folks. That’s all you get.

Some lucky folk are going to get to participate in a workshop on pitching with Rowena Cory Daniells before they pitch to Angry Robot Head Mechanic (aka publisher) Marc Gascoigne. There’s also going to be a panel on pitching on the first day of the convention, for people to share their tips and thoughts. CSFG member Chris Andrews is running a workshop on Friday about it.

But what if you can’t attend any of those things but you’re desperate to sit down in front of an agent or publisher and convince them that they want your work?

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Cretin’s Guide to Query Letters

Chris Andrews has guest-posted a new Cretin’s Guide to Query Letters.