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How to handle rejection – 20 tips!

by Zena Shapter (writing at www.zenashapter.com) A writer-friend asked me the other day how I handle rejection. What a great topic for a blog, I thought! Over the years, I’ve developed a fantastic set of tactics to handle rejection, so I thought I’d share them with you… PLEASE NOTE: these [...]

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On Making Up Words

by Leife Shallcross (writing at leifeshallcross.wordpress.com) In 2011, when I decided to ‘get serious’ about my writing, one of the first things I did was book myself into a Year of the Novel course with the very knowledgeable and generous Craig Cormick, through the ACT Writers Centre. One of the [...]

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On Step 2

by Ian McHugh (writing at ianmchugh.wordpress.com) A common question that crops up at writing workshops is “How do you go about getting stories published?” So much so that I’ve started building the short version of the answer into my workshop introductions. The short answer goes like this: McHugh’s 3-step Guide [...]

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On passing the Bechdel Test

by Ian McHugh (writing at ianmchugh.wordpress.com) I’ve been talking with my little girl, age 8, about how stories work. This started a couple of years ago when we read the first of Cressida Cowell’s How To Train Your Dragon books. When the hero, Hiccup, got exiled from his Viking tribe at about [...]

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On Turning Ideas Into Stories

by Ian McHugh (writing at ianmchugh.wordpress.com) So, having an idea for a story and having a story are two different things. “Well, duh,” you might say. But the difference between the two isn’t just words. Having a notion that the world is round is an idea. A story is like [...]

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Musings on Writing

CSFG member and novelist Nicole Murphy has resumed her Monday Musings on Writing blog. The latest instalment is on the choreography of sex scenes. The previous instalment was on the sensuality of sex scenes. The one before that was on 'the what and the why' of sex scenes. The one [...]

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