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The Writing Process

by Zena Shapter (writing at zenashapter.com) The writing process is how a writer (consciously or subconsciously) sets about writing what they do. Every writer has their own process, and I’ve talked before about the similarities and differences between writing as a pantser or as a planner (see here). Still, while [...]

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The Elements of Novels

Guest post by Chris Andrews Eleventeen years ago (clearly too many to count) I decided on a brilliant Get Rich Quick Scheme, or GRQS for complexity. It involved writing a Number-One International Bestselling Novel and retiring before I’d left my teens. To a kid without any real-world experience it seemed [...]

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The Secret to Overcoming Writer-Envy

Guest post by Zena Shapter I don’t get writer envy. At least, I don’t get it anymore. I used to compare myself to other writers and wish I had their lives. It bugged me that their writery lives were so glamorous compared to mine and, although I knew envy was [...]

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Time Management for Writers

Guest post by Zena Shapter Time – as writers it’s probably our most precious commodity. We need it to write. We’d give anything to have more of it. We juggle it. We savour it. We devour it. Sitting down at my computer to write, time can vanish in an instant [...]

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The Making of Good Writers

Guest post by Zena Shapter I’ve had this thought so many times… Wouldn’t it be nice to do nothing else in life but write? Usually it’s when I’m working on an uninspiring work project, on my hands and knees cleaning up milk spilt by the kids (yet again), or washing [...]

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