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Reading for Writing Part 1

President Leife Shallcross kicks off the 2015 discussions with some musing on some CSFG'ers recent encounter with a literary hero and how reading is a vital ingredient of writing. This essay is crossposted from Leife's website. I’ve had quite a literary week. On Monday I went to see the entertaining [...]

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Reading for Writing Part 2

President Leife concludes her thoughts on why she reads what she reads. See Part 1 here. In my last post, I talked about how being a writer has limited my capacity as a reader. But I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t read any more. Far from it. [...]

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Flensing your filter words

CSFG member Simon Dewar, currently editing the Suspended in Dusk 2 anthology, has been reading a lot of slush lately. He offer this very useful advice on tightening up your prose by hunting down and eliminating filter words: One of the worst culprits for weakening your prose, distancing our reader [...]

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